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It is a network of information and attention to the citizen who reaches the three levels of government and encompasses the Web portal General access point (, the phone 060, social networks, mobile applications and offices eye care.

The vocation of this network is to consolidate itself as a reference point in the relationship of citizenship with the public administration and facilitate access to information, its procedures and formalities.

Is a network horizontal, by integrating the General administration of the state (AGE), the autonomous administration and the local administration; is multichannel being accessible through witnessing offices, mobile applications, social networks, the phone 060 and General access point, which includes a mailbox attention (Opens in new window) and a service of webchat (Opens in new window) en línea; y es multinivel al ofrecer servicios de registro, de información, orientación y ayuda, y, además, en muchos casos, de la iniciación de trámites.

A través de sus diferentes canales se ofrecen los siguientes servicios de atención al ciudadano:

  • Integrated office citoyen: provide information and services of all public administrations. You can consult the relationship of Autonomous Communities integrated into the network in the following link (Opens in new window) .
    Similarly, in the following link contained the relationship of Local Entities with integrated office (Opens in new window) .
  • Applications for mobile devices: App Public Employment and App Aid, both for ME operating systems (iPhone) as Android.
  • Social Networks: Twitter @060gobes; Facebook: @060PAG and   Youtube (Opens in new window)
  • Telephone 060: Is a telephone number of an administrative nature of the AGE. Through it reports on different dealings, still specialising in information related to public employment, scholarships, grants and subsidies or location of phone numbers and addresses of all administrations públicas.también offers attention and processing in specific areas like Traffic, Foreigners … .Puede consult more information about the event. 060 as well as the hours of attention in the following link (Opens in new window) .
  • Web Portal General access point: portal General access point (Opens in new window) constituye un punto único de acceso para el ciudadano a información de interés de carácter horizontal de los Departamentos Ministeriales y Organismos públicos vinculados o dependientes, así como información sobre empleo público, ayudas, subvenciones y normativa de interés para la ciudadanía de todas las administraciones, de la administración europea y de algunos organismos internacionales. Da acceso a los sitios web oficiales de los Departamentos ministeriales, organismos autónomos, Comunidades Autónomas, Entidades Locales, así como a sus electronic headquarters .

Moreover, offers, both citizens and businesses, access to procedures and electronic services of public administrations grouped by subject, as well as information about the functioning and organization of public administrations and state.

Este portal también dispone de un servicio de atención personalizada: un mailbox attention (Opens in new window) and a service of webchat (Opens in new window) online.

The website has a restricted area for users, which is accessed after authentication, called Citizen folder (Opens in new window) from which citizens can access your personal data, the status of their administrative files, its administrative notices, etc.

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