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Semantic Interoperability centre

The Semantic Interoperability centre (CISE) is the instrument defined in the Interoperability National schema (ENI) to publish data models of the elements that enable interoperability information exchange between public administrations and between them and citizens. Is available to any public administration and any profile to work in the environment of interoperability.

A data model is the set of definitions (conceptual level), interrelations (logical level), and rules and conventions (physical level) to describe the data for their exchange, which is the foundation of the dimension semantic interoperability. They consist of semantic assets , es decir, piezas reutilizables que habilitan la estandarización de conceptos.

Semantic search of CISE Assets     Register of CISE Semantic Assets  

According to the ENI, main objectives the CISE are:

  • Identifying data models that are common character
  • Provide a repository of data models of exchange of information that enables recording, classify them, posting, locate and disseminated
  • Facilitate interoperability of the public sector publishing data models of its services of information exchange through XML schemes (XSD), as well as their encodings and associated documentation.

XML schemes (XSD) can define each asset semantic a structured set of complex fields and simple, and facilitates information exchanged can be interpretable automatically by any application.

  • Facilitar que la información intercambiada pueda ser interpretable de forma automática por aplicaciones que no intervinieron en su creación.