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Scope General Administration of the state

The model of governance TIC in the AGE is reflected in the Royal Decree 806/2014, 19 September on organization and operational instruments of the TIC at the AGE

(English Version) Royal Decree 806/2014 of 19 September (Opens in new window) on the organisation and operational tools of the information and communication technologies in the General State Administration and its public bodies (PDF)

The Strategy TIC determines the common objectives, principles and actions for the development of the digital transformation of the administration, which serves as the basis for the ministries developing their sectoral plans of action for the transformation digital.

One of the innovations of this model of governance, is the statement of means and shared services when they meet transversal needs. The use of means and shared services, which will be part of a catalogue of common services, it will be compulsory and substitute connection to the media and particular services used by the units.

Have remained TIC units in the organizational structure of ministries, aware of the value that implies knowing deeply the sectoral activity to transform it successfully. The TIC units are key players in the digital transformation sectoral services. And are revealed as the instrument through which the General secretariat of Digital Administration may implement the strategy common TIC, highlighting the necessary coordination of their respective departments that will be required general sections of the TIC branches.

Each Department will feature a Ministerial commission for Digital Administration (CMAD) which will have to develop the action plan for the digital transformation of the ministry according to the strategy global TIC and guidelines of the General Secretariat of Administration Digital.

In this new model of governance powers on the report of recruitment files in the field TIC will focus on the General Secretariat of Digital Administration to align the hiring and investment TIC of all units with the strategy TIC, guidelines and priorities set by the government.

The highest body of governance tick is committing TIC Strategy, which will be represented all ministries. Among other tasks, the commission of strategy TIC will approve the proposed Strategy for its elevation TIC council of ministers. The General Secretariat of Digital Administration will act as engine of the TIC Strategy ensuring the execution of actions, either directly or through units departmental TIC.

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