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Tools for managing documents and electronic records

Official validator ENI in the access point General

To foster the establishment of the documents and electronic records in formed ENI (national Interoperability) issued a formal validator access point.

The validator allows, as a document or record, verify whether it meets the minimum content and format that require the technical standards and interoperability of Record, respectively.

This validator, accessible from the Internet, allows any administration is in the process of adaptation to ENI to see that the results it achieves fulfil the regulations and are consistent with the common services developed by the secretariat-General for administration, serving Digital as reference for public administrations and companies.

INSIDE infrastructure and systems of Electronic Documentation

logo Inside INSIDE, promoted by the secretariat-General for administration, is a Digital system for the management of electronic documents and records that meets the requirements for that both could be stored and/or available according to the national interoperability and their technical standards.

Proporciona las funcionalidades correspondientes a la etapa previa a la de archivo para conservación permanente.

Se puede reutilizar en modo servicio en línea, a través de servicios web y en modo producto ya que ha sido liberado bajo licencia EUPL.


Archive is a web application final archiving records and electronic documents, which complies with the provisions in the RD 4/2010, of 8 january, which regulates the spanish national scheme of interoperability in the area of electronic administration.
Archive provides support for the establishment by a super-administrador a system of administration and management of multidepartamental File, as well as integration in Archive the relevant applications consumers and the management of electronic documents and records sent by the same.

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