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The library of E-government makes available to users of the portal important fundamental materials in the field of E-government.

Library of electronic administration

The Library of electronic administration collects a selection of existing documentation in digital format in the field of electronic administration through a Single repository.

This repository documentary with current and historical documents, includes a relationship of publications in the field of electronic administration have been doing the governing bodies involved in this area since the Secretariat of state of Public Function (SEFP).

To promote the dissemination of publications such as regulations, reports, guides and analysis, studies and manuals, many of them included within the programme editorial of ministry.

Select and described in addition a relationship of publications by other entities that are of interest in the development of electronic administration in our country.

The Section Library this portal is complemented by the Documentation section which includes legislation concerning this matter and also highlights different guides and methodologies of general application in this area.

The objectives of the library are:

  • Promote understanding in terms of Electronic administration.
  • Expand the amount and variety of existing contents.
  • Facilitate documentary resources to the working groups in electronic administration: administration, businesses, citizens and the general public.


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