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DATAOBSAE indicators

Presented in this section a set of indicators that allows you to analyze the introduction and use of E-government TIC and in public administrations.

Indicators are grouped into areas and sorted by systems origin of the information or by perspective.

The first two areas display information electronic services provided to citizens, businesses and various administrations since the direction of information technology and communications, unit responsible for the development of infrastructure and common services for the implantation of electronic administration.

In the following areas presents the indicators collected in reports TIC infrastructure in the three areas: General Administration of the state, Autonomous communities and local entities, developed from this same direction in collaboration with all entities involved. Finally the field Indicators of external sources contains relevant information on the item published by others.

En las distintas pestañas de cada indicador se puede analizar, según el caso, su evolución anual o mensual, el desglose de las cifras globales por otras variables, informes adicionales, mapas que presentan la información territorializada y definición de conceptos. Cada indicador cuenta además con una pequeña descripción del mismo y un enlace a otras páginas donde ampliar la información.

Indicators are updated monthly or yearly according to its nature.

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