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Methods, tools and standards

  • - Version 3 Magerit. Analysis and risk Management information systems

    Offers the concepts relating to the analysis and treatment within a comprehensive process of risk management; concrete steps and formalizes the analysis of risks; describes options and approaches of treatment of risks and formalises the risk management activities; deals with the draft risk analysis; formalises the activities of the security plans; the development of information systems and how risk analysis serves to manage security of the final product from conception up to its start up, as well as the protection of the development process; anticipated problems which recurrent appear when you are performing risk analysis. In addition, the methodology is accompanied by a catalogue of elements and a Technical Guide compiles different techniques can be relevant for the implementation of the method.

  • CCN-STIC guides for the security of public administration

    The Centre National Cryptologic (CCN) made available to the public administrations guides, including in their Series CCN-STIC, with which to improve the safety requirements due to the information and communications systems of Administration. Among these guides are uniquely provided for in article 29 of the Royal Decree 3/2010 for the better compliance with the national security.


    The CCN-CERT is the ability to respond to security incidents of the information from the centre National Cryptologic (CCN), under the national intelligence Centre (CNI). This service was established in early 2007 as CERT governmental english and is present in all major international forums in which is shared objectives, ideas and information on the safety of a comprehensive manner.