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The General Administration of the state in social media

Media and social networks are a place of encounter, in which Internet users consume a while increasing.

The agencies and ministries have begun a rapprochement with the same, moving towards people where citizens are.

Thus, the Observatory of E-government of the General administration of the state, to follow the information related to electronic public services and their indicators, disseminates present on E-government in its OBSAE Twitter (Opens in new window) .

The information concerning the presence of the General administration of the state in the media and social networks, is also collection and can be accessed through the General access point (P) (Opens in new window)

Below you can find other initiatives of the General administration of the state in relation to the presence of its entities in the media and social networks in this file in XLSX format (Opens in new window) or format ODS (Opens in new window) (data updated to 30-9-2015). In addition, this information has been considered of interest to reuse by other actors and so has been discharged as an asset reusable in the portal (Opens in new window)