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Cualquier Administración Pública puede solicitar el alta de una solución reutilizable en el directorio de soluciones del CTT para que esté a disposición del resto de Administraciones Públicas.

To that end, login to PAe with a registered user of the public administrations and access to this page, registration of a solution. Once identified, it will be available in a form to fill the data of the solution you want to give high.

When the solution has been approved shall be notified to the applicant.

See the Guide of publication and dismissal of assets , prepared within the scope of the National Scheme of Interoperability, for all the considerations and steps to make before proceeding to request registration with the solution: conditions of copyright and authorship, study, selection of components of the licence, preparation of the asset to the distribution, etc.

In collaboration with Registrar provides a service a través del cual las AAPP podrán formular cuestiones relacionadas con software libre y el licenciamiento de sus soluciones.

And to assist in the process of preparing the source code of the solution provides a tool to assist the inclusion of headings.

Consulte el documento Manual de Usuarios - Edición de Contenidos - CTT-PAe, disponible en el Download area of the solution PTT to know the practical details of edition of the solution.

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