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What is a community?

A community of collaboration offers the possibility of addressing those issues of concern or curiosity in the field of electronic administration to provide a platform to exchanging experiences and knowledge. Communities PAe collaboration may be open to Public Administrations as citizens and companies.

Within communities, in addition to being able to establish a dialogue in their internal forums is allowed to share documentation and related information.

Available communities

The communities currently available are:

  • Accessibility community . Comunidad de usuarios del Observatorio de Accesibilidad para compartir conocimientos en esta materia y usar el servicio de diagnóstico on-line de la accesibilidad.
  • The forum for the electronic record . Collaborative workspace público-privada to document, record and electronic file.
  • Forum Citizen Folder . To pool the vision of the public and private sector in relation to the development of digital administration and services provided to citizens, both natural and legal persons.
  • Electronic forum . In this forum was presented and discussion on the current situation of the invoice, options for improvement and progress in the short, medium and long-term plan for the full integration of the invoice in buying processes of public administrations.

Users of communities

Además del usuario anónimo que sólo accede a la información general de la comunidad, existen tres tipos de usuarios: administradores, colaboradores y usuarios de consulta.

  • Consulta: tienen permisos para visualizar las pestañas privadas de la comunidad y posibilidad de participar en el foro asociado a la misma.
  • Colaboradores: además de los permisos de consulta pueden contribuir a la pestaña de documentación.
  • Community managers: control all the contents of the community and the user management.

New communities

Si deseas crear una nueva Comunidad de colaboración podéis solicitarlo a través del Focus integrators and Developers (Opens in new window) : indicating, in addition to the contact details, the name and objective with the community.

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