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E-government report in the REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS

  • In accordance with the royal decree 589/2005, the Observatory of E-government integrates annually information on the “ provided by the autonomous communities in the area of the sectoral conference on public administrations ”.

    To facilitate cooperation in the area of the monitoring of the development of the E-government in Spain, a working group was established making observatories E-government of the autonomous communities. This working group depends on the Sectoral committee integrated E-government, at the sectoral conference on Public administration.

    The objectives of the group are as follows:

    • Monitor progress in the Home Rule Authority to the electronic administration.
    • Maintain an x-ray permanently updated on the status of the different administrations on this issue.
    • Achieving consensus among the various communities in terms of methodology and indicators to be analysed.
    • To make recommendations to help accelerate the process of modernisation and to achieve a balance between different communities.

    The outcome of its work have been the annual reports that are listed in the tab. From 2017, the report becomes biennial.

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Subscribe to the youtube channel of OBSAE