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The committee on ict strategy, in accordance with Royal Decree 806/2014, of 19 september on organization and operational instruments of ict in the AGE (Opens in new window) among its functions as “ act of the Observatory E-government "Digital and transformation. This gives continuity to the work of the Observatory of E-government (OBSAE) initiated the old High council of E-government under Royal Decree 589/2005.

En su labor de análisis y difusión de la situación de la Administración Electrónica en España el OBSAE:

  • Synthesized, analyses and publishes indicators.
  • Conducts surveys (generally annually) and publishes its findings in reports that evaluate the level of development and the E-government deployment and use of ict in public administrations considering different administrative Areas.
  • Publishes a quarterly newsletter with a compilation of various sources of key indicators of E-government in Spain.
  • Publishes monthly technical notes on specific aspects of the development of the E-government.
  • También publica ocasionalmente estudios temáticos sobre aspectos concretos de la Administración Electrónica y artículos publicados en medios de comunicación y foros especializados.
  • Colabora con entidades internacionales como la Comisión Europea, la OECD y la ONU para la definición y posterior medición de las actuaciones españolas en diferentes estudios internacionales.

The Ministerial committees Digital Administration , the autonomous communities and the FEMP (spanish federation of municipalities and provinces), the latter within the framework of the Sectoral commission E-government cooperate with the Observatory in their activities.

Subscribe to the youtube channel of OBSAE
Subscribe to the youtube channel of OBSAE

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