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La Comisión de Estrategia TIC, de acuerdo con lo dispuesto en el Royal Decree 806/2014, 19 September on organization and operational instruments of the TIC at the AGE (Opens in new window) has among its functions “ act as Observatory of the E-government and Digital Transformation ". This gives continuity to the work of the Observatory of E-government (OBSAE) already started with the former Senior Council E-government in accordance with Royal Decree 589/2005.

En su labor de análisis y difusión de la situación de la Administración Electrónica en España el OBSAE:

  • Synthesizes, analyses and publishes indicators of Electronic administration.
  • Periodically conducts surveys (annual usually) and publishes its results in reports that evaluate the level of development of the E-government and the introduction and use of the TIC in public administrations considering the different areas administrative.
  • Published quarterly newsletter with a collection of various sources of key indicators of the E-government in spain.
  • Published monthly technical notes on specific aspects of development of the E-government.
  • También publica ocasionalmente estudios temáticos sobre aspectos concretos de la Administración Electrónica y artículos publicados en medios de comunicación y foros especializados.
  • Collaborates with international bodies such as the European commission, OECD and the ONU for the definition and subsequent measurement of Spanish proceedings in different international studies.

The Administration Ministerial Committees Digital , las Comunidades Autónomas y la FEMP (Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias), estas últimas en el marco del Sectoral commission E-government cooperate with the Observatory in its activities.

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