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The PAe Portal of electronic administration, originated as a response to the changes which the electronic Administration has undergone in recent years and the emerging needs of information, knowledge and collaboration that has generated.

Having changed the landscape of public administration and the manner in which It provides its services to society substantially, it becomes necessary to establish a centre of reference that is a gateway to all the information on the situation, development, analysis, developments and initiatives that arise in connection with the electronic Administration, integrating contents and services of a wide range of sources, becoming the aggregator of opinion, the motors of participation and dynamisation of the whole community of interest in their areas.

Introduction of PAe


For more information see: Introduction of PAe (Opens in new window)



The point of access to services of the Spanish Administration was provided through (Opens in new window) . Si desea realizar algún trámite u obtener información sobre ellos utilice este portal.

Acercar y centralizar la oferta completa de soluciones, informes, indicadores, novedades, etc. gestionadas por diferentes organismos en materia de Administración Electrónica.

  • Provide a point where centralized information to publicize the current situation of electronic administration: news and events, reports, studies and newsletters, legislative authority, organization and strategies, etc.
  • To facilitate development and implantation of electronic administration: directory of available solutions for reuse, common services offered, models, technical specifications, methodologies and guides, etc.
  • Colaborar y participar entre y desde todos los entes (tanto internos como externos) que toman parte en la administración electrónica. Fomentando la retroalimentación y la reutilización de conocimientos y servicios.

A todos los agentes implicados en la implantación de la administración electrónica: ciudadanos, empresas y administraciones públicas.

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Subscribe to the youtube channel of OBSAE