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Dictionary of concepts and terms of E-government

The dictionary, in its 6th edition October 2020, contains 8,158 voices between main terms and references, being the principal and 3,066 5.155 secondary schools, referrals or see that lead to the reader of your way to raise the search to the meaning of standardized what you want to locate. Their dissemination started in April 2017.

Se trata de una recopilación de conceptos y términos que engloban lo estrictamente administrativo y la ‘transformación digital ampliada’ incluyendo la que da soporte a la Administración de Justicia, la sociedad de la información, los contratos públicos, la factura electrónica, el servicio de información inmediata, la firma biométrica, los pagos en diferentes modalidades, el tele trabajo y la tele presencia y hasta procesos aun no regulados como redes sociales, voto, obliteración de documentos, documentos sujetos a condiciones de lectura, etc. Además, incluye todo lo relevante de Transparencia y Buen Gobierno, Protección de Datos, Reutilización de Información del Sector Público, Accesibilidad.

The analytical aspect power that locates the concept for their literal expression (electronic device) or their names in natural language (mobile phone, ‘ smartphone, tablet or cryptographic card or chip) as well as matters ‘ hidden ’ in the letter of the phrase (obligation to interact electronically to what you can also open by ‘ col · legiats ’, servants ’ or ‘ employees ’).

Captures the broad repertoire of rules that make up the The code E-government (Opens in new window) published by the BOE and some texts more. In particular, articles of 12 directives of the HAT, 17 regulations of the HAT, 46 laws (ordinary, organic, by RDLey or RDLegislativo) and 45 Royal Decrees

This dictionary goes to a broad public interested in electronic administration (AE) or digital as hour is called, whether or not an expert in the field, with both profile technologist, management or legal and in any case to anyone who needs to find something precise, discover the boundaries of concepts, which determine the articles of the rules on the particular, as well as knowing other details as technical terms, services available, technical standards, and institutions with regulatory capacity or execution, in terms of electronic administration.

Work produced by D. Miguel Gadea East to the General Secretariat of Digital Administration (SGAD) edited by Finance ministry and the ministry of Economic affairs and in the Digital Transformation E-government Collection (Opens in new window) In electronic formats:

Dictionary of concepts and terms of electronic administration new

Dictionary of concepts and terms of electronic administration new

Provides a channel YouTube called ViCoTAE (Opens in new window) , which aims to introduce not started, in the new concepts and the general architecture of the AE.



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