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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    This section provides a set of frequently asked questions about design and development of different accessible web content. Throughout this section was prepared considering the directions and terminologies UNE 139803:2012

  • Practical Manuals

    En esta sección se recogen diferentes guías o/y manuales que pretenden ser una ayuda para la gestión y mantenimiento de la accesibilidad en los portales web de la Administración. Todas estas guías se están coordinando y preparando dentro de la iniciativa del Observatorio de Accesibilidad Web.

  • Promotional videos

    In this section you will find different videos that are an aid to all public administrations in the implementation of Royal Decree 1112/2018 as well as to encourage the use of diagnostic service available online in the community Accessibility. All these videos have been prepared within the initiative of the Observatory of Web accessibility.

  • Accessibility of mobile applications (apps)

    Materials to help developers/evaluators of mobile applications (apps) on accessibility throughout the life cycle of an application.

  • Accessibility PDFs or official ofimáticos

    The accessibility of content available on the internet also involves PDF documents and other documents linked from the HTML. It was therefore necessary to ensure that both documents ofimáticos as PDFs derived accessible.

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Subscribe to the youtube channel of OBSAE