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Materiales e información de utilidad para la implantación del Real Decreto 1112/2018

  • Main novelties of the "1112/2018

    Contiene un resumen de las diferentes novedades que introduce el Real Decreto 1112/2018.

  • Standards of implementation

    Contains information about the standards to apply for the fulfilment of R.D. 1112/2018.

  • Model of accessibility Statement

    Contains information on the "statement of accessibility" which must include all websites and mobile applications of the public sector agencies.

  • Monitoring and reporting

    Contains information on the follow-up and monitoring that will have to carry out in order to verify the conformity of websites and applications for mobile devices with accessibility requirements demanded by the R.D. 1112/2018 and reporting to the European commission.

  • Accessibility Responsible units

    Contains information on responsible units of accessibility (scope, functions and formal designations)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    This section offers a set of Frequently Asked Questions about the R.D. 1112/2018