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Tools for managing documents and electronic records

Official validator ENI in the access point General

To foster the establishment of the documents and electronic records in formed ENI (national Interoperability) issued a formal validator access point.

The validator allows, as a document or record, verify whether it meets the minimum content and format that require the technical standards and interoperability of Record, respectively.

This validator, accessible from the Internet, allows any administration is in the process of adaptation to ENI to see that the results it achieves fulfil the regulations and are consistent with the common services developed by the secretariat-General for administration, serving Digital as reference for public administrations and companies.

INSIDE infrastructure and systems of Electronic Documentation

logo Inside INSIDE, promovido por la Secretaría General de Administración Digital, es un sistema para la gestión de documentos y expedientes electrónicos que cumple los requisitos para que ambos puedan almacenarse y/o obtenerse según el Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad y sus normas técnicas.

Provides the functionality for the pre-file for permanent retention.

Can be used in online service, through web services and product that has been released under license EUPL.


Archive es una aplicación web de archivado definitivo de expedientes y documentos electrónicos, que cumple con lo dispuesto al respecto en el RD 4/2010, de 8 de enero, por el que se regula el Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad en el ámbito de la Administración electrónica.
Archive provides support for the establishment by a super-administrador a system of administration and management of multidepartamental File, as well as integration in Archive the relevant applications consumers and the management of electronic documents and records sent by the same.

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