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Methodologies and guides

Selection of titles published mostly in the agenda editorial in the ministry as official publications in the series publisher or collection: electronic administration

  • Guides of implementation of technical standards for interoperability (THER)

    The calls guides of implementation of technical standards for interoperability (THER) are official publications that serve as a tool to help of technical standards for interoperability published in the BOE.

  • The Observatory guides accessibility

    Different practical guides and handbooks pretending to be an aid for the management and maintenance of accessibility in documents, mobile applications and also in the web portals of the administration – coordinated within the initiative of the Observatory of Web Accessibility –.

  • Digitalízate guide

    Guide to facilitate local entities the fulfilment of the obligations of digital laws – Law 39/2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations and Law 40/2015, 1 October, of Legal Regime of the public Sector – through the access and use of the technological tools that the General secretariat of Digital Administration (SGAD) makes available to all public administrations.

  • Digital communication guide for the General administration of the state

    The directory of Digital Communication for the General administration of the state provides a framework of criteria, recommendations and good practices to take into account for their departments and agencies to create, generate contents or evolve sites and web portals, electronic or headquarters sites related to new technologies web2.0 (blogs, accounts or social networking profiles accessed under the official names of departments or agencies of the AGE).

  • MAGERIT v.3: methodology of analysis and risk management information systems

  • Metric v.3 (2001)

    La metodología MÉTRICA Versión 3 ofrece a las Organizaciones un instrumento útil para la sistematización de las actividades que dan soporte al ciclo de vida del software.

  • Guía de aplicación del Real Decreto 1495/2011 por el que se desarrolla la Ley 37/2007, sobre Reutilización de la Información del Sector Público (2012)

  • SSD-AAPP version 4 (2011)

    The system of decision support of public administrations version 4 (SSD-AAPP), is an automatic tool, which enhances the reliability and independence of decision-making. Published the manual of the tool in 2011.

  • Safety criteria, standardization and conservation of the applications used in the exercise of power (2004)