PAe - released version 2.0.6.R1 library to Exchange SIR
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Released version 2.0.6.R1 library to Exchange SIR

23 november 2020

Se ha publicado la versión 2.0.6.R1 de la Librería de Intercambio SIR. Se encuentra disponible accediendo bajo Registro a la solución del PAE para las Administraciones y PdPs de RedSARA que pueden certificarse para interoperar a través del Sistema de Interconexión de registro SIR.

La nueva versión de la Librería de Intercambio SIR(LIBSIR) está disponible para:

  • The solutions already certified registration SIR well with CIR component, either with a previous version is LIBSIR. This new version will enable them to move forward in the road map SIR: Metadatado, Exchange of attachments by reference, integration with DIR3 and integration with REGAGE.
  • Registration solutions yet SIR and certified that are capable of becoming available. https :// administracionelectronica.gob.es/ptt/sir/downloads
    • Alternatives of integration into SIR
    • Certification procedure SIR

LIBSIR 2.0.6 R1 incluye entre las novedades y mejoras más destacables:

  • New method to recover these documents ENI associated with a code of exchange
  • New method to retrieve a document ENI from a code of exchange and a file
  • New signs of improvement of log for monitoring and control processes of errors
  • Configuration management which specifies the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the consumer will await a response before your (0 is infinite) clients:
    • clientCsvProductor: cliente que accede a CsvStorage para la descarga de documentos
    • clientCsvStorage: customer who get CsvStorage to upload the documentation
    • clientDIR3: customer who learns of a common directory
    • clientRegAge: customer who get REGAGE
  • Hash storage database in base64 unencoded
  • Improvement of double codification of the hash in Base64
  • Improving attribute reading file containing the technical segment without field
  • Improved functioning in consultarAsientosPendientesPorOficina service
  • Improvement of the value of IT _ PROOF in receptions external
  • Improvement of metadata in receptions external
  • Mejora de funcionamiento cuando no existe fichero técnico en comunicaciones con las aplicaciones de registro
  • Improving the replay when the enclosed documentation sent by reference

El equipo de Registros atenderá sus dudas y cuestiones a través de https :// ssweb.seap.minhap.es/help/consultation/sir

  • Interadministrativa cooperation
  • Centre for technology transfer
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