PAe - publication of new versions of v1.5 Miniapplet v1.5 and Self-Signature
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Publication of new versions of v1.5 Miniapplet v1.5 and Self-Signature

27 january 2017

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Provisions have been many improvements and fixes in both solutions.

Ya se encuentran publicadas las nuevas versiones del Miniapplet y Autofirma, versión 1.5. La nueva versión de la aplicación de escritorio Autofirma para sistemas Microsoft Windows se suministra con instaladores diferenciados para equipos con arquitecturas de 32 y 64 bits, cada uno de ellos con un JRE con la misma arquitectura.

At the moment the versions for Linux and Mac systems are not available, as soon as they are reported through the distribution list.

Below we offer you a brief summary of the main improvements and corrections applied to new products and Self-Signature Miniapplet:

  • Full support of Italy (3.0.
  • Improvement in support of smart cards.
  • Improvements in the generation of signatures visible PDF format.
  • Integrates an option for the import of the application configuration.
  • Incorporating functions for the calculation and probing hashes.
  • Improvements and fixes in signature formats supported.
  • Improvements in integration with the MiniApplet deployments.
  • Improvements and corrections in the installation process.
  • MSI installer is issued for massive deployments on Windows.

Pueden encontrar la información completa de la nueva versión en el Download area the PAe. Remember that to obtain the version of the MiniApplet signed by the General secretariat of Digital Administration must enter as a registered user of the PAE (only available for public administrations).

More information on @Firma client in the cst.

  • Identity and electronic signature
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