PAe - New OBSAE technical note: the shared service management Notific@ notifications
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New technical note: The OBSAE shared service management Notific@ notifications

03 april 2017

Key to the immediate implementation of law 39/2015 under administrative notifications.

The platform Notific@ works in partnership with other common infrastructure of diverse nature, as a whole, can be channelled all notifications automatically generated by Public Administrations, preferably from the mechanized information, to reach their destination – individuals, legal and others - of the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Given their direct relationship with the implementation of law 39/2015 is of great interest to all public administrations and therefore its use has increased considerably in recent months.

For more information on this tool, indicators of use and future action available "technical note The shared service management Notific@ notifications (Opens in new window) ".

For more information about this tool and how to use it you can consult the section dedicated to Notific@ PTT . For more figures and indicators for use with regard to Notific@ you can browse all the detailed indicators available at DATAOBSAE .

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