PAe - Signed a collaboration agreement between MINHAP and CRUE on E-government
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Signed a collaboration agreement between MINHAP and CRUE on E-government

27 september 2016

The MINHAP, through the DTIC, and the conference of rectors of the Spanish Universities (CRUE) have signed a cooperation agreement which will allow for access, since the different spanish universities, to basic structures of E-government.

On 31 august a new agreement entered into a framework for collaboration between Universities and MINHAP CRUE for the provision of basic solutions. This convention, which updates that already existed since 2010, aims at strengthening further the provision of online services to citizens, facilitate interoperability, promoting coordination in e-government projects, and pursuing the goal of greater effectiveness and efficiency, with the ultimate objective of the public interest.

The content of the convention allows public universities that form part of CRUE universities can have access to the next set of basic infrastructure and services of E-government.

  1. For the identification, authentication, and use of advanced electronic signature:
    • Beijing platform for validation and electronic signature @firma
    • Cl@ve system
  2. For communications between public administrations through electronic means:
    • Brokering of data between Administrations.
    • System of record linkage
  3. For delivery by electronic means:
    • E-Mail enabled and catalogue of procedures of Electronic Notifications service.
  4. As a communications network spanish administrative departments:
    • SARA network.
  5. For purposes of representation:
    • Apoderamientos electronic record.
  6. For the management of documents, files, and electronic files:
    • INSIDE
  7. As a catalogue of procedures and services:
    • Management information system (SIA)

This set of basic technological solutions for the implementation of the E-government are considered essential to facilitate a progressive adequacy of the spanish university system to the content of the new laws 39/2015 and 40/2015.

The CRUE participates in groups and committees for the coordination of ict in public administrations since november 2010, taking responsibility and obligation to define aspects relating to the higher education sector. Since then, CRUE promotes different open lines relating to interoperability, security and reuse of platforms. It Is also the responsibility of the definition of CRUE data models of higher education sector, the design of SUE and interoperability of the bet on technological solutions that promote interoperability, in the area of the National Scheme for interoperability.

You can check and download the terms of the convention since subparagraph Agreements with CRUE .

  • Observatory of E-government
  • Interadministrativa cooperation