PAe - the principality of Asturias published a guide on electronic procedure and on new developments of the laws 39 and 40 of 2015
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El Principado de Asturias publica una guía sobre procedimiento electrónico y sobre las novedades de las Leyes 39 y 40 de 2015

22 december 2016

Following the entry into force of the laws 39 and 40/2015, the autonomous communities are undertaking their own guides and manuals for the use and training its staff. Asturias has just published this interesting and informative document that can help a number of public employees.

The principality of Asturias has just published the guide The electronic procedure - developments in the new laws 39 and 40 of 2015 (Opens in new window) as herrameinta of work for all its employees, as well as for reading more than recommended to all those who want to deepen the changes introduced by these two provisions.

As seen in this document published recently, the legislator considered desirable to carry out a reform of public law which separates into two different legal texts relations extra ad and ad intra public administrations. This has meant breakdown in the above-mentioned laws the content of the law 30/1992 of 26 november, of The legal regime for Public administration and the Common Administrative Procedure (LRJPAC).

By reading this guide, the reader determine, in both laws, the effort expended by the legislator in pursuit of expediting administrative action, to strengthen the mechanisms of control and supervision of the interest of the public sector, and more flexible possibilities of reorganization of the public sector institutional state.

  • Laws 39 and 40
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