- The PAe ONTSI issued the report of the Sector of digital content in spain
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The ONTSI issued the report of the Sector of digital content in spain

14 december 2016

The report reflects the main structural data and trends in the sector of digital content in Spain, showing the evolution of the same in the period 2010 -2015.

The National Observatory of telecommunications and the information society is a body attached to the public entity Red.es Registrar business, whose main objective is to the monitoring and analysis of the telecommunications sector and of the information society and, as every year, introduced a new edition of the Report of the Sector of digital content in spain (Opens in new window) .

In this Útimo report (the data belonging to the year 2015) highlights such as billing data of the sector, which reached 8.940 million, reflecting an increase of 16.9 per cent over the previous year. It also consolidates the change of trend begun in 2014 with growth, for the second consecutive year, the turnover of this economic sector representing 57.8 per cent of global revenues of the content, by 2015 was 15.467 millions of euros

In the number of companies of content, in 2015 reached 9.579 and that they serve in the field of digital content, gave employment to 46.345 persons, reflecting an increase of 7.1 per cent over the previous year (professional 43,255).

Moreover, the investment made in the field of digital content increased by 1.5 per cent and amounted to €790 million, 31.7 per cent of the one carried out in the industry of content (this regard 2,468 million euros).

The report also underlines the importance of the Internet for the spanish economy, which translates into 50.602 million, representing 5.2 per cent of gross Domestic Product. This figure 42.348 million relate to electronic commerce and 2.576 come from the activities that are based on the Internet (social networks, search engine and other services), which can be regarded in the digital content industry.

The report also reflects the main trends of the sector of digital content. It is noteworthy that the development of high-speed networks being promoted by the distribution of digital content and coverage of high-speed networks, either fixed or mobile grows in Spain. The Internet of things, the Big Data are two paradigms technological developments that are beginning to have real impact in the field of digital content, in addition the virtualization of the equipment and infrastructure provides great flexibility to develop new digital business.

Moreover, the video - IP gestionado- as is the digital content that generates more traffic and it is also the second type of traffic that more will grow between 2015 and 2020, surpassed only online game. In the sector, stresses the importance of the games for mobile devices and virtual reality, which has taken off as a source of income for the sector. The e-sports stand out as new business model, which operates the social character of video games.

As regards music, the online distribution of music continues gaining ground for distribution in physical support and priced subscriptions to reproduction services for music are better prospects of evolution.

In the area of publications books in electronic format represent some 22 per cent of the total number of books sold in the world.

As for mobile applications, generated a turnover of 31,600 million euros.

And with regard to advertising, advertising on mobile devices, RTB (Real Time Bidding) and online video are the three sources of income of digital advertising more are bound to grow in the coming years.

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