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PAe - Developments FACE - Issued Order PAHS/1074/2014 regulating functional technical conditions and qualification of the General Point of Entry of electronic invoices
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Novedades FACE - Publicada Orden HAP/1074/2014 por la que se regulan las condiciones técnicas y funcionales que debe reunir el Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas

30 june 2014


Se ha publicado en el Boletín Oficial del Estado la orden ministerial que regula las condiciones ténicas y funcionales de los puntos generales de entrada de facturas electrónicas, esta orden ministerial tiene un carácter básico. Además en una disposición adicional regula el uso del punto general de entrada de facturas electrónicas de la Administración General del Estado - FACe ( face.gob.es (Opens in new window) )

Under the law 25/2013, of 27 december, on the Momentum of invoice and establishment of the recording of invoices in the public Sector, is approached one of the structural reforms that will make it possible to speed up payment procedures to the supplier and provide certainty of outstanding invoices in place, with the ultimate goal of reducing late payment of public administrations and thus contribute to improving the competitiveness of enterprises

To achieve those ends, this order includes, among other measures aimed at improving the protection of the suppliers, that each of the Public Administrations, state, regional and local levels, to have general points of entry of electronic invoices to ensure that all vendors can reach them and electronically to the competent accounting office to ensure that the same can be referred to the administrative Body in charge of processing. This would result in a general point of entry of electronic invoices for each administrative level, except that the autonomous communities and local entities, in implementation of the principle of efficiency, to adhere to the General Point free entry of Electronic Invoices to the General state administration in accordance with this command. However, those Governments who wish to have its own General Point of Entry, shall justify in advance to the realization of any investment addressed to the establishment of their own way, non-adherence to the General Point of Entry of Electronic Invoices to the General state administration.

The standard can be consulted at the following link: http://www.boe.es/diario _ boe/txt.php? id = BOE-A-2014-6662 (Opens in new window)

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