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The Basque Government gives the green light to the Public Innovation 2014-2016

23 june 2014

The plan includes six areas, 28 specific projects and 46 actions to move towards a transparent public Administration, effective and innovative and is equipped with 36.5 million euros

The Basque Government adopted on 17 june the “ pattern of Innovation 2014-2016 Public ”, a strategic plan for progress in modernizing Public Administration. The Counsellor of Public administration and Justice, Josu Erkoreka, has been already calling at their request for submission to the relevant committee.

The “ pattern of Pubic Innovation 2014-2016 ” is a bet of the government to develop innovative basque public Administration and open, that provides society quality services, efficient, effective and safe. This plan promotes the active participation of citizenship with people as protagonists of change. In the new values of Governance: openness, results-oriented approach, transparency and innovation.

In this way, the “ pattern of Innovation 2014-2016 Pubic establishes four strategic objectives:

  • Open administration: to promote transparency, participation and collaboration in public administration.
  • Effective administration: developing a range of services of quality and accessible by different channels (regimen, telephone and Internet).
  • Efficient administration: mejorando la eficiencia en la gestión administrativa, adecuando la organización, implantando nuevos modelos de gestión y realizando un uso inteligente de la tecnología.
  • Innovative administration: implementando la innovación en la Administración involucrando a la ciudadanía y a los profesionales públicos en el diseño, la gestión y la evaluación de las políticas y de los servicios públicos.

Para la consecución de estos objetivos, el Plan de Innovación Pública se estructura en torno a seis ejes de actuación, 28 proyectos concretos y 46 acciones que se irán desarrollando con un horizonte de trabajo y evaluación de cara al año 2016.

The six axes are:

  • Transparency and good governance.
  • Interaction with citizens.
  • Organizational adjustments.
  • Improved management.
  • Electronic administration.
  • Since the co-creación innovation.

Between projects and concrete actions, are designed to the development of mobile applications as tools, quick and effective at addressing citizenship. So this year 2014, the government will introduce the channel Whatssap phone to receive, respond and to inform and citizens. Similarly, the government will create a phone for public services available online via the phone.

In addition, the “ innovation Plan 2014-2016 Pubic establishes that by 2016 all documentation between the Public Administration is digital basque so that, although persons to handle a presencial way surrender paper documents, the government of a different approach to handling and returning them to the user.

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