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The node of interoperability of the Xunta de Galicia in 2015 will make a saving of over 5 million in administrative burdens.

20 june 2014

Pasaxe! the exchange of information between the state governments, regional and local levels and avoids submit documents in power.

Within the framework of the modernization of the home rule authority, the regional government will promote the services available on interoperability Pasaxe! with the aim of achieving consultative million in 2015, which will enable a saving of eur 5 million by reducing administrative burdens. Moreover, this year will launch the Notific@ electronic notifications, which will replace communications certified by mail with the same legal guarantees, security and confidentiality.

Pasaxe! it is the technology platform which allows the exchange of information between the autonomous administrations, state and local levels while closer citizen documentation which is already held by public administrations. They comply with the duties prescribed in law 11/2007, from 22 june, electronic access of citizens to public services.

Pasaxe! became operational with four existing procedures, so far in the portal of interoperability that the Regional Government launched in 2010 for their departments, and that in the past three years prevented citizens with the introduction of more than 680,000 copies of documents or certificates of identity, residence and cadastre. The consultations resulted in this portal savings by reducing administrative burdens of more than 500.000 euros.

These services, Pasaxe! incorporated 15 plus and throughout the year will be awarded a total of 30 as excise of economic activities, the title of the large family, academic and non-university or the certificate of disability, among others. The addition of the new services is forecast to increase by 300 per cent the number of consultations in order to achieve the million in 2015. In Addition, the regional government to make available to the municipalities the node of interoperability, which will enable them to access the services of interoperability of the general state administration.

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The galician platform uses the services offered by the Brokering platform of Data who manages the certificates provided by the General state administration.

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