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The community of Madrid interconectará courts of the region

17 june 2014

The community of Madrid has designed two new applications for interlinking the courts of the same judicial district and to let citizens online consult the state of its business, written or resource to which it is a party.

The community continues with the modernization and improvement of justice in the region. For that reason it has designed two new computer applications that will be implemented by the end of this year. The first interconnects tried within a legal party enabling its judges, prosecutors, registrars and staff to share information. The second will enable the citizen in online consult the state of its business, written or resource to which it is a party.

The Department of justice under the Presidency, justice and Portavocía, directed by Salvador Victory, has designed two new tools that will be fully in place at the end of this year, and they are a step in the promotion and development of the E-government. In both cases is achieved significant savings, both of movement of citizens in the courts, which now will be able to make certain consultations via online, as management and duplicate of paper documents usually used by Decanatos.

The first tools known as Sharepoint or bulletin board and is a web application thanks to which the staff of the administration of justice of the same Judicial District, have access to all information relating to its judicial district in a prompt, effective and controlled manner. You may consult documentation, normative, calendar of events and guards, as well as to publish and share real or communications affecting the judicial district. In Addition you can do at any time and anywhere with Internet connection.

The Sharepoint is already being developed as a pilot project in the judicial district of Móstoles and this week will of Alcobendas. It is anticipated that during the second half of year changes in the 21 of the region.

The second of software tools developed by the community is the new service of the citizen who via the internet may have access to information of the cases, judicial, aid resources and, in which they are a party. The consultation procedure will be E-justice Portal (Opens in new window) , mediante e-DNI o cualquiera de los certificados electrónicos reconocidos por la Comunidad.

The main advantage of this service is to be able to make the consultation at any time of day, and without unnecessary and calls for justice and to decrease the time spent by justice operators to provide information on procedures to contribute, in addition, to reduce the presence of people at headquarters.

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