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El Gobierno de Cantabria aprueba el decreto para la implantación definitiva de la administración electrónica

11 december 2014

The regional government has adopted the decree on the legal regime for electronic administration of the autonomous region of Cantabria, reflecting their permanent residence within the Home Rule Authority and its agencies, which will make it possible to speed up procedures, to leave behind the role and introduce electronic invoicing between companies and suppliers.

The government has adopted legislation that is the definitive boost to development and the expansion of e-government in Cantabria, which will speed up the administrative procedures, the role will in the internal functioning and relations with the citizen, and introduce electronic invoicing between companies and suppliers of the regional government.

In addition to the regulation brings together into a single text all the legal regime relating to the electronic administration, picking aspects regulated by decree no. 37/2012, such as the register, electronic communications and electronic headquarters of the home rule authority and its agencies.

As a novelty, regulate signature systems and electronic certificates admitted for citizens and officials, the electronic bulletin board, the document and the electronic workflow.

The Executive is thus encouraging the use of electronic means in the management of administrative activity, communications, foreign, procedures and services with people and their internal communications.

With this new regulation is reduced again the documentation required for citizens and businesses, through its replacement with electronic access to information, data transmissions or issuance of electronic certifications.

Similarly, the government set in motion a new instrument of participation, transparency and information to the citizen, who also make it possible to shorten time periods and response times, given the rationalization that produces the new distribution of burdens and internal communications.

In this line will be promoted citizen participation through electronic means and, in particular, in the proceedings of public information and hearing during the procedure for the elaboration of the general provisions, which may be conducted in a complementary manner through the use of electronic systems accessible through the electronic headquarters.

In addition to institute proceedings in electronic form, citizens may consult the state of the same, subject to identification, indicating the content of the procedural measures and the date were issued by the organs of the administration. The decree regulates the investigation and termination of the proceedings, as well as the withdrawal and resignation.

In the area of the use of electronic means of this decree shall be binding deal with a particular administrative procedure by electronic means or contact the administration using this system in those cases where stakeholders correspond to persons or entities on the basis of its economic and technical, professional commitment or other grounds accredited have guaranteed access and availability of technology. The precise scope of this principle should be regulated and justified by order of the competent judge on grounds of procedure or area.

In addition, it is documented that the government will work with local entities for the development of the use of electronic means and coordination of actions to encourage its use in this area.

A particular reference to the implementation of the beijing platform for electronic invoicing, whose legal regime will be to determine the technical conditions of issue and transfer of electronic invoices, a system that is expected to savings for businesses and the public sector and accelerate the payments to vendors.

The use of electronic communications in the administrative activity shall conform to the provisions of the National Schemes of Interoperability and safety and to the provisions of the basic law 11/2007 of 22 june, electronic access of citizens to public services.

With the adoption of this decree, the government is initiating a new measure to reduce administrative burdens for citizens and businesses, and eliminate the obstacles impeding the development of entrepreneurship, strengthening commercial activity and enhance economic growth and employment.

This new initiative joins other regional projects initiated by the government of Cantabria, such as the enlargement of the activities covered by express licenses for the opening of commercial establishments; the headquarters and the electronic register in 2012; regulations simplified the demands of documentation to the citizen, dating from that year; and the annual review of the most common procedures to reduce and expediting administrative acts.

Todo ello forma parte de la Estrategia de Mejora de los Servicios Públicos de la Administración de la Comunidad Autónoma de Cantabria (2013-2015).

Cuando finalice en 2015 el despliegue de esa estrategia de simplificación administrativa, eliminación de cargas y dinamización de la economía, se habrá ahorrado anualmente a las empresas y ciudadanos más de 27 millones de euros.

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