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Actualidad @Firma - Nuevo update del MiniApplet (1.1 update 4) y nueva actualización de Java 7 update 45

23 october 2013

This update improves the operation with the new version of Java that introduces new safety requirements.

Este update del MiniApplet mejora el funcionamiento con la nueva versión de Java (7u45) evitando los diálogos de advertencia adicionales. Esta nueva versión de Java introduce nuevos requisitos de seguridad. Las versiones anteriores de la máquina virtual bloquean la ejecución de applets hasta que el usuario se actualice a update 45.
As a direct result, the client @firma, like any other applet, ceases to be consistent with previous releases Java 7 u45. We must bear in mind that the changes in the update 45 made it appear a new confirmation dialog the user, requesting permission for JavaScript can summon the methods of the Applet.

It is recommended to all integrators that upgrade to this new version of MiniApplet and recommend to the users to update your JVM.

It will soon be issued the applet Client @firma v3.3.1 u4 with the resolution to the same problems.

It is working on solutions of client signing not involving the execution of applets.

You can find this new version in:

E-government Portal


  • Identity and electronic signature
  • Security
  • Centre for technology transfer
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