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Publication of the accessibility guide for Multimedia Content

21 july 2011

The observatory of Web Accessibility issued a new practical guide to assist in ensuring the management of the accessibility of multimedia content.

The multimedia content, for their special characteristics, are one of the types of content that is more difficult to offer with best quality of web accessibility. Despite this, the evolution in the network has made this kind of content is increasingly present in the institutional portals, especially in sections of the press. However, we must not forget that although it is costly, such content must meet the requirements of accessibility so that they can be accessed by all citizens.

The accessibility guide in Multimedia Content is suitable for both technical responsible portals such as for responsbles sections with multimedia content such as press agencies. The guide specifies both the technical requirements for the inclusion of multimedia content on the website as the specific requirements to be met by the own content during their generation and preparation (subtitles, sign language, etc). It is also important to highlight that close to the need for implementation of the WCAG 2.0, the guide adopts these requirements in terms of the new patterns of accessibility.

The guides can be found in "Área" or download ("Documentation" of " Accessibility community (Opens in new window) ". Can also be found at section" E-government Inclusive accessibility "Portal E-government

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