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New version of InSiDe

26 november 2019

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La nueva versión, InSiDe  (v 3.2), presenta un diseño totalmente renovado de la interfaz del usuario, proporcionando a la aplicación un diseño más atractivo y usable.

InSiDe is a system for the management of electronic documents and records that meets the requirements for that both could be stored and/or according to the ENI that scheme, which sets the ground rules for the exchange and storage of documents and electronic records.

The new version, Inside (v 3.2), introduced a completely renovated design of the user interface, providing an attractive design and usable. In addition to the new design, the new version of Inside also includes the following changes:

  • Validation of NIG field: it can only be formed by a sequence of digits.
  • Shows the comments field, with the details of the delivery state of the dossier to Justice.
  • Update of the library to the authentic version 2.0.2.
  • It lets you view all the signatures of a separate ENI with a number of signatures.
  • Import documents whose signature is Manifest XAdES.
  • Shows the additional metadata natural name in sections of files and stored documents.
  • Improvement in the autocompletion searches on Documents and records.
  • Name added validation of the natural to generate credentials for trial.
  • The problem when saving files with a number of partners and with subexpedientes.
  • Se modifica el formulario de envío a Justicia de procedimientos con piezas, con un diseño más intuitivo para el usuario.
  • In the form submission to Justice, in the combo scrollwheel field "class" Procedure and to the case of Piece in the field "Class Procedure" Origin.
  • Other improvements and minor corrections.

More information settlement InSiDe of the PTT.

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