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VII Forum of Internet governance

  • Hall SESIAD. Joan Maragall, 41
  • 28 november 2017 - 29 november 2017
  • 09:00

The Forum of Internet governance in Spain is being convened at its 7th edition on 28 and 29 november at the headquarters of the state secretariat for the information society and the Digital Agenda (SESIAD), in Madrid

The event will be opened by the secretary of State for the information society and the Digital Agenda, D. José Maria Lassalle Ruiz and D. Jorge Pérez Martínez, coordinator of the forum of Internet governance in Spain.

The Internet governance forum in Spain, coordinated by mr. Jorge Pérez, fulfils an important function of dynamism in the debate, awareness of society and all the actors involved in each of the relevant topics, all of them extremely topical and that in this edition focus on the discussion of the digital rights from a number of aspects.

In this line will be addressed in the first day of problems affecting the rights of users and companies and institutions dealing with subjects such as:

  • The Internet and jurisdiction in a global world;
  • The equilbrio between the development of services and privacy
  • Withdrawal of content, freedom of expression and contained in the social networks
  • The “ bubble ” filter and its impact on the behaviour of persons and organizations and manipulation on the Internet
  • Labour rights in the digital ecosystem

The second day will take a more technological advice, dealing with the latest trends:

  • The value of data
  • Universal services 2.0
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain and governance

In addition, it will also provide an open forum with the following areas: “ 5G and network neutrality ”.

The meetings will be moderated by journalists specializing in each of the subjects, with the presence of leading experts for discussion.

The objective of the Internet governance forum in Spain is to provide a decentralized and for the debate on policies conducive to the sustainability and strength of The Internet. The round tables held during the meeting will be circulated as a novelty is the moderated by journalists specializing in the Internet world, leaving ample space to the participation of members to provide ideas and suggest discussions.

The forum is open to all stakeholders in the future of the Internet that may participate in the eight open debates. La jornada inaugural will open with a masterclass

The Forum IGFSpain 2017 is supported by fundación telefónica, fundación Vodafone España, Google, Orange and Fundetel. Moreover, contribute to the major user associations, business entities active in the Internet sector in Spain: association of Internet users AMETIC, ANEI and association of Internet users.



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