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In the Índice of economy and Digital Society 2020 (Opens in new window) developed with data from 2019, spain took the eleventh position the 28 states members of the eu.

Este índice se compone de cinco dimensiones, que analizan: la conectividad de banda ancha, las competencias digitales de la población, el uso de servicios de internet por parte de la ciudadanía, la digitalización de las empresas y los servicios públicos digitales.

DESI 2020: Classification of Spain (details in the previous text)

Spain stands out with a second in the dimension of “ digital public services ”, which evaluates the digital processing of the civil service, where his best results obtained, well above the eu average:

Position of spain in digital public services (details in the previous text)

Indicators of this dimension show a high level of online interaction between public authorities, citizens and businesses. Spain obtained very good results in indicator of open, and the report acknowledges the country's investment in the open data of the public sector, bringing it as an example to follow for the large eu economies.



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