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Instruments of implementation of the plans of action

As a support to the plans of action, parliament and council decisions for the launch of programmes facilitating financial resources to the european commission and Member states. In the first group include the ISA programme that allows the commission to develop tools and services that contribute to the interoperability between Administrations. In the second is the CIP (ICT-PSP) who, through annual allocation funded cross-border projects as STORK or EPSOS.

The ISA programme

The ISA programme (Opens in new window)  tiene como objetivo facilitar la interacción transfronteriza e intersectorial entre las administraciones públicas europeas, para posibilitar la prestación de servicios públicos electrónicos transfronterizos y garantizar la disponibilidad de soluciones comunes. Sus prioridades se basará en una estrategia de interoperabilidad europea, recientemente aprobada. Las acciones que se emprendan caerá en cuatro áreas de actividad:

  • Common frameworks in support of interoperability (policies, strategies, methodologies, guidelines and other similar approaches)
  • Development of generic tools reusable by authorities and sectoral Areas
  • Implementation of common services (operational applications and infrastructure to meet the needs of different areas of public policies)
  • Analysis of the impact of ict in the implementation of community legislation.


The CIP (ICT-PSP) (Opens in new window) the aim is to stimulate greater penetration of innovative ict-based and sexual exploitation of digital content across europe for citizens, governments and enterprises, in particular the PYME.La funding was provided primarily for pilot actions, with the participation of both public and private organizations, for the validation of real installations, innovative and interoperability services based on ict in Areas such as:

  • ICT for health, ageing and inclusion;
  • Digital Libraries;
  • Ict to improve public services;
  • ICT for energy efficiency and intelligent mobility;
  • Multilingual website and the evolution of The Internet.

The spanish public administrations are actively involved in several of these projects. You can find more information is available at: " CIP projects with spanish participation ".

Interoperability between European Administrations

Dentro del programa ISA se ha desarrollado como primera pieza una importante herramienta para la implementación de la Administración Electrónica en Europa: un acuerdo entre todas las partes sobre la Estrategia y Marco de Interoperabilidad para los servicios transfronterizos, con los que deberán alinearse los propios de los Estados miembros.

Both pieces are including the communication 'eb Towards interoperability of european public services (Opens in new window) » Envisages the establishment of a common approach to the public administrations of member states in order to help citizens and businesses to optimize the use of the eu single market. In order to overcome the limitations before them to this (the so-called electronic barriers), there is a need for public administrations to exchange information and cooperate in the provision of public services across borders. This requires ensuring interoperability between the public, that the communication included as annexes a interoperability strategy (Opens in new window) and interoperability framework (Opens in new window) at european level agreed between the european commission and member states.

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