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What is QUEEN?

The information system REINA it is an application that allows the collection, validation and exploitation of information on technological resources, human, economic and recruitment tick, as well as other aspects of electronic administration of the state administration.


The creation of the system goes back to the current yet Order of the Ministry for public administrations of 9 June 1988 (Opens in new window) approving the realization of an information system of computing resources of the state administration and the collection of initial information.

Currently the High Council of E-government, in accordance with the royal decree 589/2005, has among its functions “ act as Observatory of the E-government ”. To this end, the council Standing Committee conducts the collection of information that feeds the information system REINA with the collaboration of the ministerial Commissions E-government.

What goals?

The information system REINA counts among its objectives with:

  • Enable the quantification of administrative TIC sector and serve as a key instrument of diffusion of the same
  • An analysis of their figures and most significant indicators
  • Submit the evolution of the main sector aggregates
  • Managers provide figures for future decisions planning administrative TIC
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General access point

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