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Official time

Electronic services to be synchronized with the official time to ensure the deadlines set in the proceedings.

As set out in the National Interoperability in its article 15:

  • The systems or applications involved in the provision of a public service by electronic means will be synchronized with the official time, with an accuracy and gap to ensure the certainty of the time limits prescribed in the administrative proceedings that satisfy.
  • The synchronization of the date and time shall be conducted with the Royal Institute and navy Observatory, as envisaged in the hour legal in royal decree 1308/1992 of 23 october, which declares to the laboratory of the royal institute and Observatory of the navy, as depositary of laboratory national pattern of time and laboratory Spanish associated to the centre of Metrology and, where possible, with the official time at european level.

The Royal Institute and navy Observatory (Opens in new window) the maintenance of the pattern of time and time with the spanish legal what needed to be synchronized all electronic services using the means offered by the Observatory.

The SARA network through an agreement with the ministry of Defensa-Real navy Observatory, distribute the official time to all public administrations connected at their request, through the NTP protocol (Network Time Protocol) through its telematic services infrastructure and basic security.

Through the authority of time-stamping, TS@ , you can obtain evidence of the existence of a document in the official time, certified by a trusted third party. You can obtain more information about the time stamps in the document "Guide label use time and Time-stamping" available in the Download area of the solution TS@ .

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