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SSD-AAPP version 4

The System of Support to the decision of the Public Administrations version 4 (hereinafter SSD-AAPP), is an automatic tool, based on a simple methodology, scientifically backed, secure and transparent manner that enhances the reliability and independence of decision-making.

The SSD-AAPP, allows to classify better worse, according to a pre-defined criteria, the various alternatives have as a solution to a problem.


Esta publicación está dirigida a aquellos lectores, que por su participación o relación con los procesos de decisión del sector público, estén interesados en conocer el Sistema de Soporte a la Decisión de las Administraciones Públicas y complementa a la aplicación que puede descargarse del Directorio de Iniciativas que se aloja en el Centre for transfer of technology (PTT): More information on the tool in the CTT SSD-AAPP (Opens in new window)

Considering the diversity of readers can approach this publication and diverse scope of their interest, has opted to structure the content of the same in a set of distinct elements, which, with different composition and size intend to give answers to each particular reader.

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