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Electronic Headquarters guide

The aim of this guide is twofold, on the one hand, to propose a series of recommendations for electronic headquarters are as uniform as possible regarding operation to facilitate its use by citizens, and furthermore, facilitate the work from the point of view of technical and policy those responsible for the implantation of electronic headquarters of the General administration of the state and public agencies linked or dependent on It.

The Working group of Electronic Headquarters this document produced February 2010 .

To realize the right of citizens to communicate with the administration by electronic means creating Electronic headquarters (Law 11/2007 electronic access of citizens to public services and Royal Decree 1671/09 partial development of this law).

Electronic headquarters facilitate the citizen access to electronic services for the administration, guarantee minimum services uniforms, an aspect homogeneous and an identification under the domination ‘ ’.

Electronic headquarters are clearly the terms of the relationship electronically with citizens: identification, authentication, accessibility, availability, completeness, accuracy, update, minimum content, legal protection and responsibility among others.

In short, when entering a citizen electronic site:

  • Take confidence and security when using their electronic services.
  • You will be able to procedures x 24 hours 365 days from any site.

At the headquarters guarantees the principles enshrined in law: the right to the protection of personal data; non-discrimination for citizens who do not use the electronic media; accessibility; technological neutrality, simplification, transparency and openness of administrative proceedings, among others.

La Guía se centra en todo lo referente a Sedes (Títulos II y III) del "1671/2009, 6 November, that develops partially law 11/2007, of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to public services (Opens in new window) .

EXPLANATORY NOTE: Esta guía fue realizada en 2010, antes de la entrada en vigor de las leyes 39 y 40/2015 por lo tanto, algunos de los criterios pueden no ser directamente aplicables.

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