PAe - helena, the new solution of the scope of CCN-CERT ciberinvestigación cyber threats on the
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Helena, the new solution of the scope of CCN-CERT ciberinvestigación cyber threats on the

09 march 2021


ELENA constituye un complemento innovador a la formación teórica o a la experiencia previa del usuario en técnicas de ciberinvestigación, facilitando el ensayo de los conceptos aprendidos de una manera realista.

The National Cryptologic centre (Opens in new window) under the national intelligence Centre, has developed a new solution to facilitate the training of professionals on cybersecurity: HELENA (Opens in new window) ; a platform that allows users to enter the area of ciberinvestigación and practise techniques, tactics and procedures necessary to carry out this type in prevention and analysis of cyber threats.

This environment offers various scenarios practical and itineraries that simulate real situations of different scenarios, since less technical requiring a greater degree of logic and decision-making to technical simulations in which the user must demonstrate the capacity for collecting information on the operation of cyber threats, processing and enrichment.

Users of ELENA erase the role of the character named CCN-Warrior, representing a ciberinvestigador analysing the conduct of cyber threats operating in digital Fields and will have many practical cases to be resolved. Thus, this platform is presented as a complement to the innovative user theoretical training, facilitating the testing of theories learned in a lab environment developed through digital simulation.

With regard to the features offered by helena, the following:

  • Intuitive system guidelines and rules of use to participants.
  • Estadísticas detalladas, ranking de mejores participantes y seguimiento del desempeño e interés por parte de estos.
  • The learning platform and the terminal of commands are prepared so that anyone can start immersion in the area from your web browser, with all the necessary resources from the date of its registration.
  • Sustained environment, where the user data are trained with a professional surfing the Internet that emulates the real, but they remain at all times within safe limits and isolated from a laboratory practice.

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