PAe - released version 2.0.6.R1 library to Exchange SIR
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Released version 2.0.6.R1 library to Exchange SIR

23 november 2020

Has published the 2.0.6.R1 library to Exchange SIR. Available accede under Registration to the resolution of the Sap on PdPs and Administrations of RedSARA that can be certified for interopability through the Network system of registration SIR.

La nueva versión de la Librería de Intercambio SIR(LIBSIR) está disponible para:

  • The solutions already certified registration SIR well with CIR component, either with a previous version is LIBSIR. This new version will enable them to move forward in the road map SIR: Metadatado, Exchange of attachments by reference, integration with DIR3 and integration with REGAGE.
  • Registration solutions yet SIR and certified that are capable of becoming available. https :// administracionelectronica.gob.es/ptt/sir/downloads
    • Alternatives of integration into SIR
    • Certification procedure SIR

LIBSIR 2.0.6 R1 features among new and most remarkable improvements:

  • Nuevo método para recuperar los documentos ENI asociados a un código de intercambio
  • New method to retrieve a document ENI from a code of exchange and a file
  • Nuevas trazas de log para mejora de seguimiento de procesos y control de errores
  • Configuration management which specifies the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the consumer will await a response before your (0 is infinite) clients:
    • clientCsvProductor: customer who get CsvStorage for downloading documents
    • clientCsvStorage: customer who get CsvStorage to upload the documentation
    • clientDIR3: customer who learns of a common directory
    • clientRegAge: customer who get REGAGE
  • Hash storage database in base64 unencoded
  • Improvement of double codification of the hash in Base64
  • Improving attribute reading file containing the technical segment without field
  • Improved functioning in consultarAsientosPendientesPorOficina service
  • Improvement of the value of IT _ PROOF in receptions external
  • Improvement of metadata in receptions external
  • Improvement of functioning when there is no technical file in communications with the registration applications
  • Improving the replay when the enclosed documentation sent by reference

The team of records will attend to your questions and issues through https :// ssweb.seap.minhap.es/help/consultation/sir

  • Interadministrativa cooperation
  • Centre for technology transfer
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