PAe - available in new silver version 9.0
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Available in new silver version 9.0

04 november 2020

Has just been put into production the latest version of silver, v9.0 that incorporates a series of new functionalities.

This new version includes the following developments:

  • Update of the machine translation systems. Pairs of languages with Apertium engine.

In order to continue to improve the quality of translation of pairs Apertium has developed a system that will store unknown words in the process of traducción.estas words will be subsequently analysed for the expansion of coverage.

In addition, as part of the process of improvement, has also expanded the coverage of current dictionaries Apertium engine in administrative sphere, including those words which had been estimated timely stored as unknown. Were added at least more than 350 administrative terms of language to each of the current languages of the Apertium engine.

  • Introduction of new translation

In order to expand the pairs of translation, has been implemented, español-catalán new alternative for the balearic Apertium engine. As part of this new feature has been no change in the Web Services to incorporate the new couple and the new translation with at least 40,000 terms:

  • Improvement in the translation pairs

In order to further improve the quality of translation, in various thematic vocabularies. Were included, at least 500 terms of the Administrative sphere, each for previously in place and described.

More information SILVER solution of the PTT

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