PAe - Published the procedure for accession to the convention for the use of the centre of printing the AEAT since Notifies
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Publicado el procedimiento para la adhesión al convenio para el uso del Centro de Impresión de la AEAT desde Notifica

11 March 2020

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Las órganos  de la AGE y sus organismos públicos vinculados o dependientes se podrán adherir a este convenio para la utilización del Centro de Impresión y Ensobrado de la AEAT en las notificaciones y comunicaciones con salida en soporte papel gestionadas a través de la plataforma Notifica.

The past 28 December 2019 was published in the convention BOE resolution of 26 December 2019, of the branch, which publishes the agreement between the General secretariat of Digital Administration and the State Agency for tax administration, for the service shared management of notifications and communications across the centre of printing and Enveloping the Tax Agency through the electronic platform Notific@.
May accede all organs of the of the General administration of state and government agencies linked or dependent on the same referred to in Article 84.1.a) of the law 40/2015, 1 October, of Legal Regime of the public Sector, whenever prior acceptance by the Tax Agency in response to the availability of resources its center of printing and packaging by the SGAD depending on the ability to use the platform Notified.

In this context, has been published in the electronic site of the State Agency for tax administration the procedure for the application to join this convention (Opens in new window) .

Once you have confirmed the ability of Notific@ and CIE and signed the authorization of accession by the secretary General of Digital Administration (SGAD) and by the Director of the Tax Agency (AEAT), you can use the service printing and enveloping.

However, material activation of service requires having successfully passed all the tests set, as well as successfully formalisation's request technical high production Notifies service.

In the download area of the project of Notifies the CTT provides information for the application of high technique in notified and for accession to the convention.

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