PAe - public participation in the road map of the directive of web accessibility
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Citizen participation in the road map of the directive of web accessibility

09 december 2020

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To the european commission i would like to hear the views of european citizens with regard to the directive on the web accessibility. This will take into account their comments for better development and adjustment of the initiative.

The Directive of web accessibility (Opens in new window) it aims to the websites of the public sector and mobile applications in the eu more accessible to the public, in particular to persons with disabilities. Set the standard requirements for products and services for web accessibility throughout the eu.

The draft of the road map for the evaluation to review the directive of web accessibility has been published in the portal Find Out (Opens in new window) .

Since the commission encouraged all citizens to use and disseminate this opportunity to provide comments on the road map between relevant stakeholders in their country. The consultation is open until 8 january 2021.

The draft of the road map already provides for the purpose and scope of the evaluation, in addition to serve as a first communication with stakeholders that in future, may use the findings and conclusions of the evaluation and check if your contribution on the road map has affected the design of evaluation.

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