PAe - the day of The Internet 2020 highlights the role of technology during the crisis of COVID-19
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The day of The Internet 2020 highlights the role of technology during the crisis of COVID-19

30 April 2020

The role of The Internet in the emergency situation that we live will be the central theme for the activities of the # diadeinternet 2020, the next 17 May. Events are held online and will value initiatives aimed at the most vulnerable groups.

The value of The Internet and its role during the current COVID19's health emergency, has been chosen as the central theme for all activities and events scheduled for the next Global Day of Internet 2020, on 17 May. In addition, this year all acts of the Day will be held without Internet public and be relayed online, allowing any citizen can enjoy them from home.

The activities are already open, with a high level of participation in all of them. These include those aimed at school (Opens in new window) so that the primary and secondary students together with the teachers themselves, disclosing their vision of the input of technologies to the most vulnerable groups. A short stories, poetry and drawing, a Hackaton proposals, a mobile photography competition (Opens in new window) , virtual concert (Opens in new window) and c (Opens in new window) for teachers INTEF ertamen (Opens in new window)   are some of the initiatives launched throughout the month of April.

As every year, is summoned online retailers to participate in Internet week (Opens in new window) , with special offers and opportunities for online purchases Day Internet. It is also noteworthy that the association of telecentres SomosDigital, with more than 1500 telecentres throughout Spain, work different activities virtually showing how to prevent rural depopulation through the intensive use of the Internet.

The prizes 2020 Internet will be held on 15 May, and the central act of Internet Day will be on 17 May, which will participate in the participation of the Senate Chairman and the secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence, among others. Both events broadcast by streaming.

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