PAe - significant improvements in ATENEA, the platform of challenges of CCN-CERT
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Major improvements in ATENEA, the platform of challenges of CCN-CERT

20 April 2020


The platform of challenges of cybersecurity of CCN-CERT allows anyone with concerns in this field can test your knowledge.

El CERT del Centro Criptológico Nacional (CCN-CERT) ha llevado a cabo una serie de updates and improvements on its platform security challenges, ATENEA (Opens in new window) , con el fin de enriquecer la experiencia del usuario. Las principales novedades que presentan los retos son:

  • Users can receive information sobre nuevos retos, competiciones o cualquier otro evento especial asociado a la plataforma en su correo electrónico. Para ello, bastará con marcar la casilla available within the user's profile ATENEA.
  • Introduces the possibility of conducting private competitions between users, who will have the possibility of both create them as access them, for which should know the access code. These competitions do not affect the overall classification and can only be participating in a at the same time. Also, users will have access to a virtual View classification and challenges that have already been completed.
  • It offers the possibility of request Tracks on certain types of challenges. These applications are grouped and, when they reach a certain threshold, will include a track in the challenge.
  • May valuing the challenges once solved . This way, you can improve the user experience in designing and planning new challenges.

Other changes that have been carried out and also affect the platform users ATENEA are:

  • The interface has been slightly modified to incorporate visually notifications about new news and new challenges.
  • Will be published in the news section publications of new challenges and will only show information of interest about the platform as well as its associated competitions.
  • Disappears the current system of receipt of feedback and from now will only be suggestions/incidences of users registered in the platform that communicate this information from the email address associated with your account to mail atenea@ccn-cert.cni.es

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