PAe - OSOR publishes reports on policies of open-source software of 10 European countries
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OSOR publishes reports on policies of open-source software of 10 European countries

16 April 2020

The team of OSOR has published reports of 10 European countries, including Spain, on its policies of open source software.

In recent months, the task OSOR (Opens in new window) (Open Source Observatory) has conducted research in all the countries of the European Union to compile information from the situation of each country member on its policies of open source software.

The result of this work are these reports (Opens in new window) , centrados en el sector público, que tienen como objetivo dar una visión general de las políticas e iniciativas de software de código abierto en cada país. 

The team of OSOR has also been in contact with more than 40 people working in several governments, public administrations and associations, which are contributing with his experience to enrich reports.

The content of the reports

In each report, will have an overview of governmental actors, strategic actors, the political and legal framework, and initiatives in the public sector related to open source software of each country. If you want to take a look at the highlights of each country, reports are also complemented with a Sheet of a page (Opens in new window) . Both documents can be downloaded and reused (licensed under the license CC BY 4.0).

Once you publish all country reports, the team of OSOR will conduct a thorough study in the form of comparative analysis, giving a complete overview of trends and the various strengths of policies of open source software across the European union.

It is possible to collaborate

The team of OSOR is open to meet any initiative or information of players from member countries. If the report has already been published, as is the case of España- or if it is to come, and it has more information on policies and initiatives of open source software in the public sector throughout the HAT, is opened a line of communication via email .

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