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The European digital response COVID-19

06 April 2020

Following the crisis of COVID-19, the direction of Informatics of the European commission and several other services together with Joinup teams, and OSOR NIFO have joined together to launch a repository of digital solutions and initiatives that help public administrations, enterprises, and citizens struggling against the coronavirus.

The outbreak and spread of the virus COVID-19 are affecting the lives of all and has generated huge challenges for the public and private sectors. The pandemic is affecting public administrations, companies, universities and schools; has collapsed health services worldwide and entire communities has shaken to the core. We must work together to overcome the challenges we face in these days.

And is that in times of emergency and fully confinement, digital technology is undoubtedly an essential part of the response to the crisis. Therefore, the European platform Joinup (Opens in new window) now open collaborative repository digital “ answer to COVID-19. ” Is a repository of digital solutions and initiatives that help us to stop the pandemic, mitigate their effects or help us to work and study in this difficult time, where everyone can collaborate. Consequently, it has opened a direct communication with Joinup available to Public administrations, enterprises or citizens to make some knowledge or ongoing initiative, if you have, associated with digital responses to COVID-19 through a form (Opens in new window) and email .

The repository can be used to experiment, to build applications, data tools and the media to collectively combat the pandemic. This is a project, as it could not be otherwise, is underway, alive and will be updated regularly.

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