PAe - launch of st. LUCIA, the CCN-CERT tool for coordination in the management of incidents
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Launching of LUCIA CCN-CERT tool for coordination in the management of incidents

28 may 2015


The Consolidated List for the coordination of incidents and Threats - LUCIA, based on the issue tracker system Request Tracker (RT), meets the requirements of national security Scheme (NHIS) and the guide CCN-STIC 817 for incident management.

To the steady increase of incidents and the management effort that this actually means, CCN-CERT, centre National Cryptologic (CCN), has developed a tool that allows for enhanced coordination among the various organizations and the own CCN-CERT in managing incidents. It is LUCIA (Consolidated List of Incidents and Threats), a new service made available to all organizations working with National Governmental CERT.

The new tool, based on the issue tracker system Request Tracker (RT) and its extension for response to incidents Request Tracker for Incident Response (RT-IR), has been tailored to meet the requirements and procedures and CCN-CERT aligned with the implementation of national security Scheme (NHIS).

Among the main benefits of LUCIA is providing a tool for incident management, in the case of a shortage; meet the requirements of the NHIS and Guide 817 (incident management) and provide a common language of hazards and classification, based on two levels and strongly supported by international institutions.

Other advantages is improving coordination between the CCN-CERT and all bodies that offers its services, especially those attached to the early warning system (SAT), through the integration of security incidents with the National Government CERT; improve the exchange of information of security incidents; maintain traceability and follow-up to the incident; improvement in management processes and automation of tasks and to enable their integration with other systems.

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