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  • online
  • march 11 - 12 march 2021 2021
  • 11:30

The new project of the institute of Public knowledge and innovation (ITCIP) has been designed with a team of experts from the AAPP and with the opinion and the momentum of many innovators through public consultations within the project TransformAAPP.

Think it is very aware of this society of the decade 20/30, in times of constant change and transformation of accelerated digital, is inserted at a crossroads económico-social aggravated by the pandemic; it seems, equally clear, that the AAPP, in urgent need for the organisational transformation and digital, and aggravated by the health crisis, are aware of this need for adaptation to the time to answer. Facilitate public servants that task of this transformation is the objective of ITCIP.

Objectives of the meeting

  • Introducing the process of redefining ITCIP Innovative in terms of public administrations, related entities, companies and stakeholders in general, to publicize the lines and programmes of action.
  • Strengthening the linkages of Innovative Club fostering Public ITCIP “ Community ”, as a space for sharing knowledge, concerns, experiences, etc.
  • Raising awareness and reflect the need to address the enormous challenges for the future of the AAPP a partnership between entitats, innovative and responsible, among groups and collectives, between enterprises and AAPP, etc.
  • Analysing new lines of support for the organisational transformation, apart from training and learning, with specific advice to the AAPP projects, with the assistance the persons responsible, with collaborative work and exchange of BBPP, knowledge, expertise, etc.

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